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Needed and Niche Video Service.

VAAS is the brainchild of ShinAwiL ltd. CEO & Founder, Larry Bass and Colin Culliton, CEO & Founder of LWA Group. They recognised the need for constant video demand & wanted to create a service that was simple to use, broadcast quality, efficient & value for money. 


Meet The VAAS Team.

Alan Hynes

Head Of Production

Alan Hynes is Senior Producer at VAAS, having enjoyed an extensive career in video production working with the likes of MTV and National Geographic as well as brands including Nokia and Knorr. In his time at VAAS he has Produced and Directed content for LauraLynn, Childvision and The Mater Foundation.

Carla Bass

Head of Digital Comms and Strategy

Carla is Head of Digital Communications and Strategy at VAAS. She has worked in the Irish Production industry for 13 years on Ireland's leading productions, including pre and post production and digital production. She has a further 8 years Marketing and Events experience with some of Ireland's leading media publications and brands. Her skills extend to photography and Graphic Design.

Kate Ryan

Creative Producer and Editor

Kate is Creative Producer at VAAS and often the first point of contact with clients. She has worked in video journalism for over a decade and is an expert at listening, understanding and then telling authentic stories. Alongside her journalistic responsibilities, Kate has produced documentaries, podcasts and a variety of social media content for clients.

Ben Spillane

Videographer, Director and Editor

Ben is a Videographer and Editor at VAAS. A graduate of the National Film School IADT, he has worked in a wide variety of departments across Film, TV and Commercials for over five years, including video in the Charity Sector, LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and Riverdance as they showcased their partnership at the Gaiety Theatre. His skills include editing, videography, production and photography.


We Know Storytelling.

We are a brand video production company that specialises in creating custom, tailor-made videos for brands to help them tell their unique story and communicate their message effectively to their target audience.


We Tell Your Story.

At VAAS, first we understand, then we create and finally, we deliver. We produce bespoke, broadcast quality videos and provide brands with a full production team who are experts in producing for multiple formats and will tailor each edit for the platform the video will be marketed on.


Global Brand Experience.

The VAAS management team have a long history of launching businesses, creating compelling communications strategies and delivering audience. When that is combined with the latest production techniques, across all video formats, a little bit of magic is created.


Why Video? Why VAAS?

Video brings your message to life, and studies show it’s more memorable than text. VAAS creates colourful and inspiring content that engages your audience. We also know digital communication and social media video content, ensuring your video is the right content, format, and can have subtitles for effective messaging on any channel.